Workshops Fitness voor Honden met Bobbie Lyons

Sporthond in Conditie organiseert
workshops "Hond in Conditie"
Bobbie Lyons – CCFT, MTI, Cert CF
Danielle Aromando Hall - CCFT
3, 4 en 5 Augustus 2018

workshops zijn Engelstalig, daarom verder ook informatie in het Engels.
De workshops zullen buiten gehouden worden, de lunch is verzorgd en op vrijdag en zaterdag sluiten we af met een BBQ


Canine Fitness & Body Awareness workshops
August 3, 4 and 5, 2018
Bobbie Lyons - CCFT, MTI, Cert CF
Danielle Aromando Hall - CCFT


Location: Sporthond in Conditie, Hoofdweg 35, 3474 JA Zegveld

Workshop will be held outside

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Friday & Saturday August 3 & 4, 2018 

2-day program

Foundation / Equipment combinations

Program Design & Injury Prevention 

12 Working Spots - 20 Auditor Spots


Sunday morning August 5, 2018 

Pups & Seniors 

12 Working Spots - 20 Auditor Spots


Sunday afternoon August 5, 2018 

1 hour Private Sessions with Bobbie 

4 Working Spots – no Auditor Spots


Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, MTI, Cert CF

Bobbie is a renowned, professional Fitness and Body Awareness instructor. She is based in Portland, Oregon, US where she runs “Pawsitive Performance”

Bobbie has earned several canine fitness certifications and has been training dogs for over 15 years, 11 of those years have been dedicated to fitness as it relates to performance. She is part of the “design team” for the Fitpaws Trainer Program.

I got to know Bobbie when I entered the Fitpaws Master Trainer and the CCFT program and she is like a barrel full of knowledge and somebody who shares that knowledge with passion. Her experience and sharp eye for correct body position and movement make her into an expert in Fitness and Body Awareness Training. 

The awareness of the need of Fitness and Body Awareness Training for dogs is still young in the Netherlands and even in Europe. In the US canine strength and fitness training is accepted as part of the training program for performance dogs.

Why should we try to invent the wheel over again when we can lean on the rich experience of people like Bobbie? Modern dog performance sports ask for more than sport specific technique training. It is important to provide our dogs the training they need to become the athletes we expect them to be, with as first objective decreasing the chance of injury. 

Besides that Fitness and Conditioning programs provide a healthy activity for every dog, even the companion dog.

Bobbie summarizes it perfectly in her philosophy:

“Using a variety of methods, I train strength and body awareness exercises that activate more muscles in the dog’s movement, while moving the dog equally on both sides and in all directions, which inspires efficient movement with less effort and decreases the chance of injury” Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, FP-MTI, Cert C.F




Friday & Saturday August 3 & 4, 2018: 

Foundation / Equipment combinations

Program Design & Injury Prevention 

2-day Program, only possible with attendance on Friday as well

Foundation / Equipment combinations (Friday)

Foundation for K9 Fitness

In this workshop, Bobbie will teach participants foundation skills needed for fitness exercises and will be introduced to equipment, exercises, tricks and stretches that increase range of motion, flexibility, reflexes, and improve muscle tone and endurance. The exercises are designed to reduce the risk of injury and increase balance, core strength, body awareness and overall performance. This workshop is appropriate for dogs participating in any dog sports. 

Equipment Combinations

During this workshop Bobbie will explain equipment combinations for different exercises, targeting different body parts and keeping the work fun and diverse for all dogs.

Program Design & Injury Prevention (Saturday)

The workshop will start with an introduction to equipment and foundation work and then take you to a more advanced level. The workshop will provide you with information about structure and how it affects function, it covers how to evaluate your dog, how to design an individual program and the proper use of equipment combinations. It will also provide you with techniques to understand what area of the body each exercise is actively engaging. The workshop will also include specific techniques for injury prevention, exercise progression - how to keep challenging you dog.

12 Working Spots - 20 Auditor Spots


Sunday morning August 5, 2018:

K9 Fitness for Pups & Seniors

Fitness for Pups & Seniors 

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to working pups and seniors in canine fitness. We will focus on movements and activities appropriate for puppies and senior dogs This workshop is appropriate for dogs participating in any dog sports, if you want to participate with a dog you don’t necessary need to bring a pup or a senior.

12 Working Spots - 20 Auditor Spots


Sunday afternoon August 5, 2018:

1-hour private sessions with Bobbie Lyons

1-hour Private Sessions with Bobbie

The title says it all, a 1-hour private training session with Bobbie with no auditors

This will be held indoors in my training room of Sporthond in Conditie, if the weather permits it and it’s not too hot there, there is air-conditioning available in that room.

4 Working Spots 

All exercises taught have been reviewed and approved by a professional in the field of Veterinary Rehabilitation Orthopedics or Physical Therapy





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